The beginning of the new year gives us the impulse to once again break new ground in a fresh way.

As of this year, we are also offering Yoga as personal training and in small groups of two to three people.
The yoga will be highly individualised to the respective requirements and can also be taught in the context of certain medical conditions. The location can also be individually determined, it can take place in the yoga studio as well as at your home or in the great outdoors in warm weather.

The yoga trainers are highly qualified and of course very personable. Their aspiration is together with you new mobility, stability and a great balance between strength and inner serenity to attain. The yoga form is dynamic and not dogmatic, the inspiration lies in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.

A regular yoga practice can develop a completely new body awareness by improving body perception and posture, increasing flexibility, strengthening the muscle and musculoskeletal system, which can also result in a huge reduction in stress.

Like the outdoor movement training, the yoga classes will take place within the framework of my conception, if desired also within the framework of additional nutritional counselling, e.g. an alkaline diet.

The price for a mini group with 3 members is 60 EUR per person, with 2 members 70 EUR per person, as a single lesson 100 EUR per person. The units can be booked now.
From the experience of the personal training that has taken place so far, about 60 EUR per hour of the costs are covered by the private health insurance companies.

If you are interested, please send me a short e-mail (, then I will refer you directly. If you are interested in mini-groups, please contact me by 15 February so that we can divide the groups sensibly.

With warm greetings !

Dr Simone Henne