Psychological coaching

Healthy through psychological coaching.

Conversational and behavioural therapy concepts form the basis of your mental support. For a stable psyche.

Coaching, just like classical behavioural therapy, is a topic-related process. A concrete personal, professional or health-related topic is reflected upon with our professional guidance. In doing so, we try to work out new ways of looking at these issues together with you in order to cope with them better or to find new approaches to solving them. We uncover new perspectives and help you to set priorities. Reflection during coaching gives you new insights into yourself, it makes it easier for you to find a coherent positioning and to develop a personal toolkit. In this way you will acquire new competences. This will promote your personal growth and make it easier for you to deal with difficult situations.

Psychological therapy for mental growth and personality development

Psychological diagnostics

Our expert gets to the bottom - through a structured anamnesis with a focus on the psycho-social area. The result of the diagnosis is the basis for an individual therapeutic concept. As a licensed psychological psychotherapist, she is also able to correctly diagnose any existing psychological disorder and initiate sensible treatment measures together with you.

Burn-Out + Stress Management

Stress is omnipresent and is now considered one of the main causes of many physical and mental illnesses. We teach techniques for dealing with stress, overload syndrome or burn-out on an individual basis. For more stress resistance, a generally higher resilience and a healthier balance between the different areas of life.

Intervention in personal crises

In the course of a lifetime, no one can avoid experiencing a more or less severe crisis at some point. However, crises also offer opportunities to examine, change or improve elementary behaviour or life circumstances. In order to cope well with conflicts, one always needs new perspectives as well as knowledge of one's own resources - these are what we teach you.

Depression and anxiety disorders

Early diagnosis and therapy are important for both diseases, as you can have a considerable influence on the course of the disease through physiological and behavioural effects. With the spectrum of behavioural therapy and the use of other recognised methods (e.g. hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson, mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches as well as focusing), our expert can provide you with highly qualified support.

Strengthening the self-healing powers

Vitality through conscious and mindful interaction with oneself - we teach ways to better resilience, strengthened mental power and inner balance. Use your own healing power

Coping with illness

Physical illnesses lead to psychological stress - the accompaniment, (re)discovery and use of your very personal resources are the focus of psychological coaching. For a new place in life

Relaxation training

Relaxation can be learned - we show you ways to more serenity, contentment and well-being with the help of muscular deep relaxation according to Jacobson, simple breathing exercises as well as mindfulness meditations.

Motivation training

Consistent resource orientation - activating existing and new resources and abilities through hypnosis in Ericksonian psychotherapy. It accelerates and effectively enhances the therapeutic benefits of the treatment