Fitness training

Healthy through a medical fitness programme.

Spiroergeometry, lactometry and vital parameters determine the individual training concept of your performance improvement. For a better physique.

We advise you on creating a fitness training programme that is individually tailored to you. Sport should strengthen you, be fun and not stressful. Sport not only protects you from being overweight, but also keeps you cardially and mentally fit, it regulates your circulation, strengthens your immune system, as well as your mental power. Depending on the training goal, our body and our mind are happy about regular and individually different intensive training. Training phases and rest breaks should alternate at sensible intervals. For an optimal body composition, training, stretching and nutrition should be in a balanced relationship. We accompany you in this process.

Training therapy with a scientific claim

Performance diagnostics

Our training concept is based on scientific principles - spiroergometry and lactate measurement determine personal physical performance, metabolism under stress and aerobic/anaerobic training thresholds. For the planning of your optimal training

Training concept

Our experts create individual training plans - specifically geared towards endurance, strength or power endurance training, based on personal goals and performance. For highly effective and efficient training

Blood pressure + pulse regulation

Targeted training for your health - both high blood pressure and a too fast (tachycardic) pulse come back into balanced ranges as a result. Often you can reduce your medication with it

Competition preparation

We prepare you specifically for a competition - whether it's a marathon, cycle race or triathlon: the holistic concept with continuous coaching from our experienced coaches will get you to the finish line in the best possible way.

Weight reduction

Our training is easy - with targeted activation of your individual fat metabolism, a structured exercise programme and lots of fun while training, you will achieve lasting success. For more vitality in life

Forms of training

You have the choice - whether personal training or small groups with up to 3 participants. We offer both types of training. Your health insurance usually covers 60 euros per hour for personal training.

Medical concept

Our yoga adapts to your needs, abilities and health constitution. We accompany you with our holistic - medical concept

Yoga forms

The inspiration lies in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga - the yoga form is dynamic, powerful or quiet, relaxing, depending on your preference. Our yoga is never dogmatic

Body awareness

Our yoga develops new body awareness - with better body perception, posture and flexibility. Regular yoga practice strengthens your mobility and stability

Stress reduction

Yoga for your soul - find your own balance, inner peace, serenity and equanimity. Yoga has a positive effect on the entire central and vegetative nervous system

Individual place

You determine the location - whether classically in the yoga studio, at your home or, in warm weather, also in the great outdoors, for example on the Alster. Our yoga simply goes everywhere

Forms of training

The choice is yours - whether personal yoga or small groups with up to 3 participants. We offer both forms of training. Your health insurance usually covers 60 euros per hour for personal yoga.