Nutrition counselling

Slim and healthy through a medical nutrition programme.

Nutritional medical research, hormone balance and metabolic type are the basis of your individual nutritional support. For better vitality.

A good and healthy diet is an important prerequisite for being mentally and physically fit. The body thus receives the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities that it needs to maintain or rebuild its vitality. On a general biological basis, each person has their own needs in the form of rhythm, requirements and preferences. My goal is to build a bridge between the medical findings of your basic examination on digestion, vitality optimisation and muscle building and your lifestyle or life goal. Even in the case of a specific illness, we will work with you to create a nutrition plan that is tailored to your situation.

Personalised nutritional support at a medical level

Nutritional conception

Our experts create your own concept - medically and scientifically sound, individually tailored to your body and your circumstances. Healthy, vitalising and with lots of enjoyment

Weight reduction

Losing weight made easier - every metabolism reacts differently to food reduction. Individual analysis in combination with close-meshed support are the basis for you to master the often rocky path of change.

Diet for high cholesterol

It's all about the right fats - we tell you what the right fats with high health value are for your body. This helps you to avoid secondary diseases

Diet for intolerances

So that you don't have the feeling that you can't eat anything at all, we give you a clear overview of dietary options beyond your intolerance, including recipe ideas that won't make you lose the fun of eating.

Nutrition for competitive sports

Optimal support for muscle development and the tendon system, as well as for inner strength and the heart through optimal mineral and vitamin supply via healthy nutrition.

Nutrition to increase their vitality

Nutrition is an important prerequisite for being mentally and physically fit. Supply good energy, optimally support muscle tone, strength and the immune system.