My concept

Lifestyle and health

Coronary heart disease, hypercholesterolaemia, diabetes mellitus, obesity and stress are just a few examples in the composition of the pathogenic mechanisms of our time.

Our living conditions have changed a lot in the last decades, physical activity continues to decline, there are predominantly sedentary activities in offices as well as in leisure time activities. "Nutritional traps" abound, people rarely eat or cook consciously. In our practice, we do not only want to favourably influence isolated behavioural aspects, but to bring about an individually tailored lifestyle modification through a concept based on four pillars.

For this purpose, I assess your health status as a basis, I then work out your personal goals together with you and, if desired, create an individual nutrition and fitness concept. My goal is to promote health in the sense of building up your physical resources. The vitality you gain and the increasing awareness of your body will bring you joy.

My concept consists of 4 pillars

Health status

A detailed internal and cardiological examination forms the basis of my concept. This enables me to define resources and weaknesses. I work in a network with specialists in private practice and specialist outpatient clinics. I then work out a concept with you, adapted to your life circumstances and ideals, with which you can maintain your health status or optimise your vitality.

Nutritional counselling

A healthy diet is an important prerequisite for being mentally and physically fit. I will advise you with my nutritionist as a team on how you can improve your diet with simple means. In the specific case of illness, we will work out an individual diet plan with you, with the help of which you can optimally support your body and will enjoy your diet

Psychological coaching

In psychological coaching, I address very personal issues that you wish to address and look for individual approaches to solutions. The results can then be further elaborated with you by our behavioural therapy specialist, both in the context of coaching and in more in-depth therapy.

Assisted trainings

We will work with you to create training courses tailored to your individual needs on the basis of Strength, endurance and Yoga training. We help you find the right sport or exercise, support you in defining realistic training goals and creating training plans, and offer you monitoring and success control of your training.