Health status

The checkup defines your health status.

Detailed anamnesis, apparative diagnostics, performance diagnostics and laboratory chemical analyses form the basis for an individual concept for your health maintenance and vitality enhancement.

The heartbeat forms the current and rhythm of our lives, which is why cardiological screening is of particular importance. Through consistent preventive care and the connection of the basic elements of our lives, we have the opportunity to maintain our health and performance into old age. After a comprehensive anamnesis and an examination of your entire state of health, I will have a detailed discussion with you, in which I will explain the results and your current health status. By knowing this, some developments and risks can be predicted and influenced in time - often with simple means. I discuss this with you in this "holistic" consultation, which lasts at least half an hour. In the sense of coaching, we can then develop a concept in which I accompany you with my team on your way to realising your goals, even over a period of months. In the case of an acute illness, I will discuss the possible therapy options with you in detail, including differential diagnostic considerations.

Holistic medicine with internal cardiological check-up

Laboratory tests

You have it in your blood - the function of your organs or prevention markers such as cholesterol, glucose, lipoprotein a, uric acid and vitamin D can be detected with modern laboratory diagnostics. They are the basis of a holistic diagnosis


The heart is the engine of our lives - sonography of the heart can define the size and function of the heart muscle. For the reliable diagnosis of all heart valve diseases

Exercise ECG/Ergometry

Coronary heart disease has the highest mortality rate in Europe - under maximum exercise the blood flow to the heart muscle or different cardiac arrhythmias can be evaluated. To exclude coronary heart disease

Long-term ECG

Unobtrusive companion - the heart rhythm is discreetly recorded over 24-72 hours and professionally evaluated by us every second. This means that even symptom-free cardiac arrhythmias can be detected or existing symptoms can be assigned.

Sonography of the thyroid gland

In Germany, thyroid diseases occur more frequently, especially in women. The thyroid gland can be excellently clarified with ultrasound diagnostics with regard to size or exclusion of nodule formation in the sense of a preventive examination.

Sonography of the abdominal organs

Prevention with gentle diagnostics - ultrasound is suitable as an imaging diagnostic for assessing the soft tissue organs such as the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and bladder and the blood supply to the organs. Suitable as an examination for cancer screening

Duplex/sonography of the neck vessels

Nicotine abuse or hypercholesterolaemia affect our feeding head vessels - sonography determines vascular health, arteriosclerosis and flow conditions of the feeding head vessels

Pulmonary function test/spirometry

The flow of breath shows it - we measure lung and respiratory capacity to diagnose respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Suitable for monitoring the success of treatment

Long-term blood pressure measurement

Life and rhythm of life are reflected in our blood pressure - with the help of a 24-hour measurement, blood pressure behaviour can be observed during your normal daily routine, as well as the control of the optimal setting.

Medical accompaniment

Management of your health - I accompany you over months and years: on the way to maintain your health optimally and also as a pilot in the multidisciplinary health system. For holistic medicine