I am pleased to announce that our practice will once again be hiring a qualified Personal trainer which offers exercise and sport with different focal points.

The trainer has a degree in sports science and, as a former competitive athlete (he was a participant in the Olympic Games and is a world champion in rowing), has optimal theoretical and practical prerequisites for individual, qualified training. And don't worry - with all this, he is extremely likeable and can convey sporting activities with a lot of fun.

This training is offered within the framework of my conception If desired, this can also take place within the framework of additional nutritional counselling. I personally take over the medical supervision, supported by a qualified sports physician and orthopaedist.

We form "small groups" for which we offer sports for different topics. Currently with immediate start in April / May e.g. to activate the fat metabolism. The concept is that you meet once with the trainer so that he can get to know your wishes and training status. Based on this, we would then decide how to divide the training. This training group should meet at least once a week.

The price for a mini group with 3 members is 65 EUR per person for 60 minutes and 60 EUR per person for 4 members. The sessions are planned from the end of April until the summer. The booking of the training sessions takes place after the first meeting as a quarterly booking, i.e. for 3 months at a time. The training will mainly take place outdoors in the countryside and, depending on the weather, also in the fitness room of a rowing club directly on the Alster. Of course, it is also possible to book the trainer as an individual, in which case one training hour costs 100 EUR.
per person.

I recommend a prior Spiroergometry or lactate measurementto know the individual thresholds of the fat metabolism and to use this knowledge in training. This is usually covered by private health insurance. Please contact me if you have any questions.

If you are interested in this individual training in small groups, please contact me directly, preferably by e-mail. I will then contact you regarding the scheduling.

With warm greetings

Dr Simone Henne