Natalie Zimmermann

Physiotherapist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Mental Coach, Professional Boxer

I have been working as a physiotherapist, personal fitness trainer and mental coach for almost 20 years. I am happy to inspire and motivate people to become a better vision of themselves. The goal is to make the most of yourself and your life to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled and successful life. Whether you are a professional athlete, a hobby athlete or an exercise buff, my team and I will put together your individual training concept and together we will reach your goal. I constantly train myself and my team so that I can not only perform as a 100% fighter, but also provide my clients with the best possible care as a coach or therapist.


Individual training methods

The Body&Mind team, consisting of personal trainers, martial arts experts, therapists and coaches, work together to meet individual goals and create a suitable concept. Whether it's weight reduction, muscle building, stress reduction or performance enhancement - we'll get you to your goal!



The musculoskeletal system does not always make life easy. Through physiotherapeutic treatment, we will surely let you experience the joy of movement again and say goodbye to pain.


Cell regeneration and cell renewal

As a professional athlete, I know how important the regenerative phases are during the preparation for a fight. A suitable regeneration and nutrition concept will help you to recover better after high stress in sport or in everyday life. Your development should benefit from the Body&Mind team's years of experience and bring out the best in your abilities. 


Meditation and Mental Techniques

The match is won between the ears! Mental strength is the key to staying on track and achieving your desired goals. No matter what goal you have set for yourself, there will always be obstacles. Through mental training I support you to reach your goal and to stay on the ball. Through constructive training concepts and mental coaching, we will achieve your goals together.

Other practitioners in our team

Jörg Lehnigk

Graduate sports scientist

Doreen Kruse

Graduate psychologist, behavioural therapist

Maren Maiwald

Certified ecotrophologist (VDOe) , Ayurveda therapist, yoga teacher, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy