Maren Maiwald

Certified ecotrophologist (VDOe) , Ayurveda therapist, yoga teacher, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy

Through my many years of work in nutritional counselling and therapy (since 1997) and regular further and advanced training, I have acquired extensive knowledge in the field.

I have done training in Ayurveda, herbal medicine, yoga and psychotherapy as my interest in holistic medicine grew.

I have been working in my own practice since 2012 and pass on my knowledge and experience to my clients with great pleasure and conviction.


Nutritional counselling

What we eat has a direct influence on our physical health and mental satisfaction. Healthy nutrition should taste good, meet nutritional needs, fit the individual and improve quality of life in the long term.


Nutritional therapy

...serves to restore health, alleviate symptoms of illness or prevent deficiency symptoms.

My specialities are: Cardiovascular diseases, lipometabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances, rheumatism and inflammatory bowel diseases.


Nutritional behaviour

Flexible control without prohibitions and strict diet plans promises long-term success. Basically, anything can be eaten: The dose makes the poison! Portion sizes, eating speed and energy distribution play a major role.



...the knowledge of life. This individual approach allows for a diet and lifestyle tailored to the specific person. An important principle: You are what you digest! Modern nutritional science and Ayurveda complement each other well. More at:

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