Save the Date – 2 Herztage (08. – 09.06.2024)

Save the Date - 2 Heart Days (08. - 09.06.2024)

For two days, we will devote ourselves to our centre, the heart, from many different perspectives. With heart-opening Yoga & Pilates we will give it space and width, stretching and strength - in time with calm and serenity. As a cardiologist, I would like to give you a...

Save the Date – Kardio-Retreat Refresher (29.09.2024)

Save the Date - Cardio Retreat Refresher (29.09.2024)

On this day we want to give you another opportunity to remember the structures of your heart space and to recognise and practise your potential to actively modulate this space. A day specifically dedicated to refreshing and intensifying heart-focussed exercises.

Experteninterview mit Dr. med. Simone Henne, Hamburg

Expert interview with Dr. med. Simone Henne, Hamburg

Simone Henne, MD, in a scientific expert interview with Roche Germany. She talks about heart failure and the key challenges in therapy and care management, the importance of natriuretic peptides and the role of general practitioners in post-hospital therapy.

Mit Yoga das neue Jahr starten!

Start the new year with yoga!

The beginning of the new year gives us the impulse to once again break new ground. Starting this year, we are also offering yoga as personal training and in small groups of two to three people, as an extension of 2016. The yoga will be highly individualised...