Simone Henne, MD

Internist, cardiologist, emergency physician

'Life begins with the first heartbeat and ends with the last!' 


- Aristotle -

Dear patients and Patients,

Welcome to my private cardiological practice Practice at Klosterstern. As a cardiologist and internist, I stand for holistic medicine combined with modern technology. Through my many years of work and experience in the various internal medicine specialties and cardiology of the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf I work with the highest internal medicine and cardiology expertise. In my practice at the Klosterstern, beyond the specific treatment of particular diseases, I offer detailed health counselling in the sense of prevention or also performance diagnostics, based on the discussion of your individual health resources and weaknesses.

I accompany you to your health goal with all necessary measures also in addition with selected Nutritionists, Psychotherapists, sports scientists and Trainersas well as in close interdisciplinary exchange with other necessary disciplines or specialists. The basis is a detailed cardiovascular and internal medicine diagnosis supported by first-class equipment and detailed laboratory-chemical evaluation. Of course, differential diagnostics in the case of an existing disease in the sense of a second opinion is also one of the focal points of my practice.

A warm welcome!

My aim is to promote and maintain health, to build up the body in the sense of a Increase your vitality. This vitality and the increasing awareness of your body will bring you joy. Due to my many years of work at the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf as an internist and cardiologist, there is a very good connection there and to specialists in private practice with unbureaucratic, fast and constructive ways, which I can activate specifically for you.

since 2011

Development of the current team for optimal prevention, health promotion as well as expansion of my spectrum with sports cardiology and rehabilitative cardiology


Establishment in the internal medicine practice "Internists at Klosterstern" as an internist and cardiologist in private practice


Training in interventional cardiology

Successful completion of training as a specialist in cardiology


Successful completion of training as a specialist in internal medicine


Acquisition of the additional title of emergency medical technician


Training in the cardiological intensive care unit


Training as a specialist in internal medicine in the Clinic for Cardiology under the direction of Prof. T. Meinertz as well as in the Medical Clinics of the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf under the direction of Prof. R. Stahl and Prof. A. Lohse with the training focus on medical sonography, echocardiography, coronary heart disease, cardiac insufficiency, pacemaker therapy, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, gastroenterology and hepatology, emergency medicine, nephrology.


Doctorate in the research field of endothelium and antioxidants under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Münzel and Prof. Thomas Heitzer


Stays at the University Hospital in Bern and Zurich


Study of human medicine at the University of Hamburg


I am a regular speaker at medical congresses and continuing education courses. My current lectures have two aims: To form an interface between cardiology and other subjects in the sense of a holistic way of treatment, and to promote the further education and training of doctors by networking our medicine.


"Perioperative Management of Cardiological Patients" 

Urology Spring - Symposium Urology Hanover


"Cardiological aspects in the drug therapy of bladder dysfunction". 

German Congress of Gynaecologists, German Congress of Urologists, Surgical Congress in Bad Tölz


"Cardiological aspects in the drug therapy of bladder dysfunction".

Stockholm, Expert Meeting of the European Association of Urology

2013 /2014

"Metabolic syndrome and hyperactive bladder"

Nationwide at urological training courses


"Erectile dysfunction and cardiac disease - a common organ pathology in urology and cardiology".

Urological Congress Berlin

2011 – 2013

"Urology meets Cardiology - Anticoagulation in surgical patients".

Nationwide at urological and gynaecological congresses.


"Gastrointestinal bleeding in aortic valve stenosis".

University Heart Centre Hamburg


"Sepsis - a challenge for the intensive care physician".

University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf


"NO - the missing link"

NO Congress Prague and Hamburg University Heart Centre


"Endothelial dysfunction in treatment - Difference of Gender".

Cardiology Meeting Boston and University Hospital Zurich

Scientific publications

As a research assistant in the team of the Endothelial Dysfunction Research Group (Professor Dr. med. Thomas Münzel, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf), I was first author in an internationally renowned publication. Already in the course of my work there, I developed a view beyond my field of expertise with the publication in cooperation with the Clinic for Gastroenterology. I am a second and third author in other cardiology journals.


"Heyde Syndrome - Recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding and aortic valve stenosis (Heyde syndrome): need for valve replacement".

Journal of Gastroenterology


"Improvement of endothelial dysfunction by administration of tetrahydrobiopterin in chronic smokers".

Own dissertation


"Tetrahydrobiopterin Improves Endothelium-Dependent Vasodilation in Chronic Smokers".

Circulation Research

Further as a third author

About me

Watch a video about their joint practice here Internists at Klosterstern. With a tour of the practice and a portrait of me. Language: German. Length: 2.43 minutes.

Scientific lectures

Scientific lecture by me on the topic "Cardiological aspects in the therapy of bladder dysfunction" at a urological expert meeting in Stockholm on 11 April 2014. I spoke about the beta-3 agonist mirabegron and cardiological safety in the therapy of overactive bladder. Language: German. Length: 35.58 minutes.

Scientific lecture by me on the topic "Surgery ban after cardiological events: Do the cardiologists exaggerate without limits?" in the context of the 15th Salzhausen Talks of affiliated urological physicians from 18 to 20 November 2011. Language: German. Length: 32.19 minutes.